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Made.Simplr takes the hassle out of R&D tax credit claims.

R&D tax credits are a great way to fund technological or scientific innovation. A successful claim reduces a company’s corporation tax bill, freeing up money to fund, develop and grow the business.

Great news: but there’s a hurdle. The application process for making a claim is complex and confusing – deterring many businesses from applying. We imagined a new way that provides an easy route to R&D tax relief.

Made.Simplr is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps you cut R&D costs at a stroke.

● We’re innovation specialists.

● We’re your R&D tax credits experts.

● We’re Made.Simplr.

Intelligent. Accessible. Made.Simplr.

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What is it?

what is it?

Made.Simplr is an online R&D tax credit management software. Made.Simplr makes R&D funding easy and reduces claim.

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who is it for?

Made.Simplr helps finance professionals, accountants and business advisers to manage the complex R&D tax credit claim process.

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